Chryssie is the kind of girl who thinks cooking is how you show love and also believes that cheese is a perfectly legitimate choice for breakfast.

A self-declared Francophile, Chryssie fell in love with Paris in 2013, and dreams of living in a Parisien shoebox apartment (as long as it’s full of shoes), where she can cook and pursue her love of butter.

For now, she lives in inner-city Melbourne in a townhouse with her partner in crime, Buzz Lightyear, who kindly makes lots of yummy sounds when eating Chryssie’s food.

She endeavours to grow a garden on her 2m x 4m terrace, and is in the process of making friends with the caterpillars, so they stop munching all the lettuce.

This is a blog to celebrate some of her favourite things; food in all its forms (cooking, eating and growing), travel and the wonderful experiences it gives you and Melbourne, my home and a wonderful place to live.