Postcards from Tuscany

by Chryssie

IMG_0848 IMG_0849 IMG_0850

IMG_0863IMG_0865If I thought the first day of our walk was testing, I had no idea what was in store. Following on from the mind-blowing meal we had in Gambassi Terme the evening before, we had high spirits as we headed down the hill. Our target was San Gimignano, a mere 13km away, and we were set to arrive by lunchtime (which was keeping my belly quite happy).

Again the day was filled with sunshine and bountiful fields of green, which were occasionally smeared with a red cluster of poppies in the distance. On gravel paths and trodden down grass which tickled our knees we walked with our destination mostly in sight. Crossing babbling brooks and under cool shade I took as many mental snapshots as I could, drinking in each and every moment. I created a bank in my mind of these feelings as I knew, once home and sat once again at my desk with the pressure of deadlines and only glimpses of sunshine out windows I would crave the freedom and open air of Tuscany.