by Chryssie


October is my favourite month of the year. Not only are we in the full swing of Spring, but it’s officially a birthday bonanza. My best friend and my sister are both October babies, and that is barely scraping the top of the long list of cake-related festivities to attend. I guess the most significant thing about October though, is the fact that it’s my birthday, too!

The 17th of this month will see me be a year older and (fingers crossed) a little bit wiser too.

Lucky me, though, got a present a little bit early!

Buzz already got me a beautiful new camera lens a couple of months ago, which was a very early birthday present, but has made me a very happy photo taker. Stretching his generosity further, he decided there also needed to be a little October gift in there, too!

A little backstory: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is my all-time favourite book. It may have something to do with my love of tea or the colour blue, but more likely it’s just because it’s a brilliant story whatever point of your life you read it.

And so, when we saw this honey-pot terrarium with the White Rabbit and Alice inside, it was instantly the perfect gift and now has pride of place on my desk.

A very happy little lady right now!