House Envy

by Chryssie


This stunning vignette spotted on The Glitter Guide inspires the sort of envy that results in an hour-long Google session for my very own bar trolley. I just had to share!

I have to admit I’ve always loved the idea of stocking that sort of old world drinks cart in my living room. It’s usually accompanied by fantasies where nights of glamour can be spent cracking witty jokes and eating olives out of martinis.

Unfortunately, for now this is just a pipe dream and I’ll have to settle with reaching ungracefully into my top kitchen cupboard to break out a half-drunk bottle of Malibu.

My hunt did lead me to a lovely place though, in the discovery of this beautifully bright painted yellow trolley over at Lark!

Soon, my pretty.



You can find out more about the rest of the Devon Dyer house shoot here, and purchase the bar cart here (just make sure you save one for me!).