by Chryssie


Melbourne yet again blessed us with a sunny Winter Sunday, though kept us from getting too excited by staying absolutely freezing! Still, there’s something lovely and cheery about a bright day outside where you can fling the curtains open and let the light spill in. Most of the day was spent inside being rather productive, I’m proud to say. Some of those niggling tasks on the to-do list finally got scratched off, the floors were swept and mopped and there was still some time left to spend in the kitchen. It may have been cold outside, but the oven and a lovely blueberry and lemon cake with cream cheese frosting ensured we were warmed up right to our toes. I’m afraid I didn’t write the recipe down for this one, but it’s still on my radar, I promise! I hope you’re warm and cozy wherever you are, and there’s a slice of cake and a cup of tea waiting for you.

Happy Sunday x