This Little Blogger Went to Market

by Chryssie


Buzz Lightyear and I spent a lovely morning today at the local markets – I usually go each weekend while he has a little snooze in, so it was nice to have his company! The morning drizzle gave me the opportunity to finally break in my bright yellow raincoat I bought on our recent trip to Paris and even got the approval of a couple of drunken backpackers who we passed on the walk home, who told me “the future is bright – the future, is yellow”.

The uncharacteristic quietness of the markets was a nice change, as it felt like we had the lay of the land as we strolled around at our leisure. I found this beautiful bunch of kale flowers and as it’s a little tradition for me to buy a different bouquet each week, these were the winners this time around. The paper wrapping even matched perfectly with my raincoat, so I think it was meant to be that they came home with us.