Kitchen Edit – Summer Dreams

by Chryssie

When the days are one degree upon waking, and you’re swaddled in coats and jumpers and scarves on your way to work, sometimes all that comes to mind is a daydream of warmer days. This collection of bits and pieces was pulled together in the hope that a sweet bit of sunshine might appear, and cool drinks and cupcakes could be enjoyed on the terrace. I’m afraid this hope might be in vain, but either way, we can still dream of warmer climes.


1. Mod Cloth, Sir Up Some Fun Ice Cube Tray, $9.99

2. Country Road, Sania Fluoro Teatowel Pack, $26.95

3. OutlivingSunnyLife Serving Tray Blonde from Hard to Find, $39.95

4. Confectionately Yours, Bunting Baking Cups, $15.30 (for 50 cups)

5. Anthropologie, Hobnail Pitcher, $78.00