A Perfect Saturday Morning

by Chryssie


Well, the work week has passed, as always, in great anticipation of the weekend. Greater anticipation, this week, with the looming promise of Eastern Easter, an end to the fast, some wonderful time shared around the table as a family.

But tonight, the celebrations begin just before midnight, which means there was plenty of time to enjoy waking up without the shrieking of an alarm. I made the firm decision that today would not be rushed. I leisurely made my way upstairs, where a sunny morning streamed through our terrace windows. The house was quiet. The world outside was quiet (I must admit a sleep in for me is still relatively early!). A quick stroll to the shops when most Friday night revellers were still content in their beds (including my partner in cooking crime, henceforth to be known as Buzz Lightyear), meant no queues, and the chance to stroll the aisles to my heart’s content.

We are lucky to have a beautiful bakery right on our street, where the window is always filled with juicy looking cinnamon donuts and pizza slices. They also make a most delicious loaf. As I strode home, a crusty seed loaf snuggled in my bag, the florist had just opened, and the blooms greeted me cheerfully. I was tempted, as it is generally a tradition of mine to get a new bunch of flowers to brighten the house each Saturday, but we currently have a beautiful jar of purple dahlias that have lasted quite well, and so onward I went.

The house still asleep when I got home, I toasted up some fresh bread slices, set the kettle on, and pulled down my favourite cup and saucer. The hot bread was lathered quickly with homemade jam (a gift from aforementioned Buzz Lightyear’s father), the tea was poured, a wonderfully light vanilla green, and there I sat, nestled on the couch, as the morning lightened.

It was quiet, and still and absolutely perfect.

Sometimes, the greatest pleasures are the simplest ones.

Welcome to the weekend! x